Petrus Resources enlists corporate governance policies that are designed to ensure stakeholders’ interests are addressed through structural simplicity, transparency and aligned interests. Petrus Resources will strive to maintain corporate governance that is proactive and evolving as improvements become necessary.

The key elements of corporate governance defined at Petrus Resources are outlined as follows:

  • The Board of Directors includes both management and independent representation.

  • The Board have delegated specific areas of the corporate responsibility to the Audit committee, the Reserves Committee, and the Compensation & Governance committee.

  • There is an internal code of conduct that has been distributed to staff.

  • There is a corporate commitment to ensuring the health and safety of all Petrus employees, contractors and the people within the communities where we operate.

  • At Petrus there is a strong concern for the environment and a dedication to ensuring that all elements of our activity meet or exceed all appropriate regulations.

  • Petrus Resources has an internal disclosure policy that has been distributed to staff.

  • Petrus Resources has a Whistleblower policy that enables any person to communicate directly to the Audit committee if they feel they have witnessed any inappropriate operating, accounting or auditing practices. Any confidential communications in this regards should be addressed as below:

    Attn: Petrus Resources Audit Committee Member
    c/o Petrus Resources Ltd.
    2400, 240 – 4th Avenue S.W.
    Calgary, AB, T2P 4H4