Petrus has production and growth opportunities in three core areas within the province of Alberta: Ferrier, Central Alberta, and the central Rocky Mountain foothills region.



Petrus’ prime area of focus is the Ferrier area of Alberta where Petrus targets liquids rich natural gas in the Cardium formation. Petrus owns and operates its processing infrastructure and is committed to improvements in its operating and capital cost structure in order to be a low cost operator in the Ferrier area.


Petrus owns oil and gas producing properties in the Thorsby area located southwest of Edmonton. The properties are characterized by stable low decline light oil and natural gas production, with an inventory of Glauconite oil drilling locations. The area is under partial waterflood and is a candidate for additional waterflood opportunity in the future.


Petrus owns oil and gas producing properties along the foothills trend in the vicinity of Hinton, stretching from light oil production in Cordel / Stolberg in the south to low decline natural gas production at Cabin Creek in the north.